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Ohana is a Queer, political, spiritual and feminist collective working passionately to create and maintain LGBTQ+ spaces in Lesbos whilst continuing to build relationships of trust with local residents and respecting the Greek culture.


We live as a community, composed of lesbians, trans individuals, and non-binary folks, residing at Ohana Ranch. Here we care for farm animals that have often been neglected or mistreated, cultivate vegetables, welcome our community members, creating spaces to learn from one another, to ensure transmission of lesbian and queer history and culture, and offer a much-needed shelter from patriarchal oppressions. ​​

4 years ago, we have fulfilled our dream to create a space for  Women, Trans/Non Binary people in Skala Eressos the home of Sappho and the popular Sappho Women's festival. Our hope is to give a feeling of community, safeness and for you to feel part of our Ohana. ​

ohana collective

​​In addition to Ohana Rooms, the Collective is co-founder of the Queer Ranch Festival, an annual music festival where the participants enjoy 5 days of internationally renowned electronic music DJs, eclectic live music, cinema, wild swimming, stimulating workshops, beach parties, ranch life and much more,


Furthermore, the recent opening of Ohana Saloon, a bar/restaurant, reflects the collective’s dedication to preserving and enhancing the LGBTIQ community and culture in Eressos.

Ohana Ranch


Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, it extends beyond core family to include both blood and informally adopted kin. There are many benefits to belonging to an Ohana but there are also responsibilities and obligations as well. The spirit of Ohana is that every person is part of a family and every person has something to contribute.

O -'Olu'lu - sympathetic, sociable 

H - Ha'ahá - trust, reliability

A - Akahai - empathic, generous

N - Nani - valuable, beautiful 

A - Aloha - love, affection

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