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We have fulfilled our dream to create a space for women only accommodation in Skala Eressos the home of Sappho and the popular Sappho Women's festival. Our hope is to give a feeling of community, safeness and for you to feel part of our Ohana. 

We started our community here on Lesvos 2 years ago with our first project  -  Ohana Land and Ohana lesvos collective. We are building a queer ranch community where we support each other and provide safe space for all. Come and visit us on Ohana Land. 

Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, it extends beyond core family to include both blood and informally adopted kin. There are many benefits to belonging to an Ohana but there are also responsibilities and obligations as well. The spirit of Ohana is that every person is part of a family and every person has something to contribute.

O -'Olu'lu - sympathetic, sociable 

H - Ha'ahá - trust, reliability

A - Akahai - empathic, generous

N - Nani - valuable, beautiful 

A - Aloha - love, affection

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